Anaheim is the heart of Orange County


Anaheim has more than just Disneyland

Anaheim is home for over 350,000 residents and is known to be the city with many attractions. This is largely due to Anaheim’s biggest attraction: the Disneyland Report and California Adventures. It is also the home city for the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Angels. The Angels used to be called Anaheim Angels but since has been reappointed to Los Angeles. Disney might be Anaheim’s biggest attraction but if you look around there are plenty to see in Anaheim. The Anaheim Convention Center is home to some of the world’s biggest events such as BlizzCon and many more. If you look at the right places you will uncover many hidden gems that are a delight to experience.

Places to have your next party in Anaheim

Modjeska Park is one of Anaheim’s bigger parks. Modjeska Park spreads out to over 23 acres and is fully equipped with a picnic shelter, BBQ grills, basketball court, and playground. You will have plenty of room for activities at the park due to tits naturally flat and spacious build. There is a small lake that nurtures some wildlife like ducks and birds at the park. Modjeska park is a family park with a recreation center and softball field. There are no organized events occuring at the park but you will never find this park empty. It is always active with family parties, birthday parties, and sporting events.

Anaheim Coves is a new park that opened up in 2011. It stretched over 14 acre and is known as a natural park. This park is close to nature and is known for the Anaheim Coves Trail. The trail takes you longside the Santa Ana River. Anaheim Coves gives you an easily accessible entry into the trial where you can ride your bicycle along the Santa Ana River. This is the best park to get your daily fix of nature and cardiovascular activity. You will find many fitness enthusiasts, bikers, and runners.

Boysen Park is one of Anaheim’s bigger parks. It stretches over 24 acres and is unofficially known as the “Airplane Park”. There is a jet airplane structure that is present at the playground inside the park and acts as the official landmark for Boysen Park. This park has a plethora of amenities and features that many other Anaheim parks do not have. If sports is your interest this park contains a baseball field, tennis courts, volleyball court, and softball field. There are plenty of picnic tables for you have a family get together and a recreation center available for indoor activities. Most importantly, there is a playground with a jet structure and rocket ship structure where children can play. Boysen Park is a versatile park that has plenty of space and amenities to accommodate any event or group size.

Brookhurst Park is one of Anaheim’s most popular parks. It expands over 27 acres and is known to host many community driven events, group meetings, and senior events. Brookhurst Park is also sport friendly due to having a basketball court, a soccer field, and baseball field. The park is equipped with picnic tables and BBQ grills for family filled events. Most impressively, Brookhurst Park has a massive playground that contains a handful of activities for children to engage in. You will never find this park empty because the people in the surrounding area has helped build a strong community within the park. Brookhurst park is home to many community events for holidays, seniors programs to help the elders, and group meetings that will satisfy every possible niche. If you are looking for a robust and active park to host your next event, or just want to take a stroll on a Sunday, Brookhurst Park is one of the best parks to do so.

Best Places to hang out in Anaheim

Disneyland Resort and California Adventures is Anaheim’s biggest attraction. There is nothing else that can compare than spending a full day at Disneyland. In fact, you would not be able to experience all of Disneyland in one day. That is why many vacationers spend the full weekend in Anaheim in order to explore all parts of the Disneyland Park. If that isn’t enough, California Adventure offers even more diversity to the list of activities. California Adventures is the one place you can obtain alcohol and consume it within the Disney Resort. This makes it extremely adult friendly and guaranteed to lift you up. If you have an annual pass then you are most likely an Orange County resident and will enjoy all of Disney’s ammendies on a regular basis. Another way have some Disney experience is taking a visit to Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is an outdoor area that resembles a mall. There are retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment at the House of Blues. You can take a stroll through Downtown Disney and will find the atmosphere extremely lively as there is always an event occurring. Downtown Disney is a hip and urban area to hang out at night where you can catch the fireworks show without purchasing a Disneyland ticket!

The best part above hanging out in Anaheim is that there is always something happening in close proximity of each other. The Anaheim Convention Center is located across from Disneyland and is the premiere venue for large scale events in the greater Orange County area. It is home to some of the largest events such as: BlizzCon, VidCon, D23 expo, NAMM Show, and D23 expo. The Anaheim Convention Center is also home to smaller exhibits and shows. Often times the smaller events tailor to niche audiences which serves as a great opportunity to discover new interests. The best way to keep up to date about what is happening at the Anaheim Convention Center is to visit their calendar to see if there is something happening that might spark your interest.

The Anaheim Gardenwalk is an outdoor entertainment location that is home to many restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. The GardenWalk is a fun and hip entertainment hub that attracts many attendees who are open to having a good time and making new friends. Stop by on a busy night and you will find the House of Blues packed for their shows. If you are in the mood for the club then the place to be is at Blush Nightclub formerly “Heat Ultralounge”. Blush Nightclub is a sleek and urban night club that tailors to a diverse group of music genres. It is one of the best places to dance and grab a few drinks.

Anaheim has many hidden gems that are waiting to be uncovered. One of which is the Anaheim Packing District . It is a renovated indoor food court that use to be a citrus-packing house. The Anaheim Packing District is home to a plethora of delicious shops that serve gourmet and unique foods. You can find anything your stomach desires here. It is an indoor venue with open table seating and urban decor. On busy days, there is a live band that plays; ultimately this is one of the best places to go on a date or grab some casual food with a nice atmosphere.

New party ideas for kids and adults

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