Team building Activities in Huntington Beach

Surf City USA

Huntington Beach is Orange County’s most popular beach city located 35 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. Over 200,000 residents dwell in the city that has been crowned as “Surf City USA”. Huntington Beach has over 9 miles worth of beach and is one of the bigger beach strips in all of Orange County. With so much room to work with, it no surprise that huge crowds gather to witness the US Open competition. If you are looking for a city that has a wide variety of activities then Huntington Beach is for you. There is always something going on at Huntington Beach. It can sometimes feel busy but make no mistake; Huntington Beach is a laid back surfer town. Except if you are visiting during the 4th of July. You don’t want to miss out during the 4th of July at Huntington Beach as it is notoriously known to be THE spot to be during the 4th. New comers beware! If you show up to Huntington Beach during the 4th of July you will find the locals lurking in their homes with water balloons ready to throw at unsuspecting visitors. Don’t take it personally it is tradition! And we all know TRADITION is TRADITION! You can find almost anything your heart desires in Huntington Beach.

Activities and Parks In Huntington Beach

If you are in the mood for a casual sport like pickleball then we highly recommend stopping by Worthy Park. Pickleball is a combination of table tennis, tennis, and badminton. Solid paddles are used instead of regular tennis rackets and the courts are smaller. Worthy Park is complete with a playground, courts, and over 6 acreage of land. Worthy Park is a family friendly park surrounded by a residential area which makes it safe and secluded. Another fun sport you can try out is Disc Golf at Central Park. Disc golf is another unique sport that combines golf elements with a frisbee. Instead of using a traditional golf ball and golf clubs; players throw a frisbee into targets with a bucket. However, if that is not your forte then Central Park has lots more to offer. It has over 350 acres of land is the largest park in all of Orange County. Central Park is it own community and entertainment center complete with a massive playground, amphitheater, band stand, dog park, exercise course, lakes, picnic shelters, restaurants, sports complex, and many more. You can easily spend a whole day at Central Park with all the amenities it has to offer. If you aren’t looking to take a dip in the water and rather stay dry; then check out Vans SkatePark. They are open everyday from 9 AM to 8 PM. You can catch some slopes and grind some rails without having to worry about the police showing up.

Nightlife in Huntington Beach

If you aren’t in the mood to get sweaty then we suggest checking out downtown Huntington Beach. You can find all the latest shops and gear at Pacific City, Bella Terra area, 5th & PCH, Main Street, 5 Points Plaza, and Old World Village. These areas are the most popular shopping hubs in all of Huntington Beach and is guaranteed to have anything satisfy your shopping needs. Huntington Beach also has several premiere place for nightlife. If you have worked up a thirst then we highly recommend going to The Bungalow beachfront lounge. It is a very popular lounge that has an incredible view and a hip outdoor area. The best part is that you will never find it empty as it gets crowded during Fridays and Saturdays. Huntington Beach has a wide variety of locations that can tailor many different circumstances. If you are in the mood for a more laid back place to have a cold one then you might want to stop by one of the local breweries instead. There are several breweries that have a more laid back vibe such as Four Sons Brewing, Huntington Beach Beer Co., or The Dude’s Brewing Company. These breweries offer a more calm environment where you can engage in conversation and meet some new friends.

Try something new in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is the hub for sports and fun. But what if you don’t want to go surfing or just lounge around on the beach? What if you are a local within the area and have seen it all? Well you haven’t! Huntington Beach is a place of innovation when it comes to fun and novel sports. You can stay ahead of the curve by bringing Archery Tag, Nerf War Party, Fortnite Party, Bubble Soccer, and Human Hamster Ball Rental to your party. These novel new activities are a way to bring new excitement into the community. It is the perfect party idea to ensure that you stand out and have a memorable experience for all your friends. But why should kids have all the fun? Have your company’s Team Building Activities to bring in new and fun ways to create long lasting relationships. These activities will surely attract attention and buzz as you become the leading innovator of fun within the community.

Family fun for all with Nerf War Party

There is nothing that brings family and friends together like shooting each other with darts. Our Nerf War Party is an innovative way to have clean family fun! Our Nerf War Party comes fully equipment with everything that you would need to have a successful unique party idea. We are a mobile party rental service that brings the party to you. We bring out a wide variety of Nerf Guns that do not jam so they do not take away from the experience. You are able to choose from two types of Nerf Guns: Elites or Megas. The Elites are suitable for all ages while the Megas are higher impact guns that are suitable for 12 years olds and adults. Safety is our number one concern! We provide you with safety goggles in order to protect your eyes. Other than that; getting hit with a Nerf dart does not hurt. It might sting a bit but this encourages you to take cover and play accordingly. What makes us different from other Nerf Party Rental Service is that we bring an elaborate battlefield out to you. We use huge and small barriers in order to create more diversity in the battlefield. Our event coordinators are highly skilled at keeping participants entertained by continuously changing the battlefield and suggesting new game modes to keep you stimulated.

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Why should kids have all the fun? Archery Tag for Adults

Airballing OC knows that there is a child inside every single adult. That is why our activities are extremely popular amongst adults. One of the most favored activities we have is Archery Tag. It is the go-to activity for teambuilding events and unique parties. Archery Tag is best described as dodgeball with bow and arrows. Our Archery Tag games are fully equipment with a massive battlefield. We have huge barriers for you take cover in and smaller barriers for you to move so that you can have a more diverse experience. We provide you with foam-tipped arrows and composite bows to shoot each other with. Protective masks are used to protect your face. Our Archery Tag activity is viable for most personalities and does not require as much physical stamina as other activities. All you have to do is get geared up. Wait for the event coordinator to count down the round. Rush to the center of the battlefield where the arrows are placed. Grab as many arrows as you can and unleash your arrows on your opponents. We have a variety of game-modes to play from which keeps your guests entertained for hours. The only problem you will have is that you will regret not booking the event for longer.

Get Physical with Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer has been getting a lot of attention. Mainly because it looks unique and fun. If you watch a Bubble Soccer game you will constantly witness someone getting tackled and doing a full back flip as they land on their feet. Then they get back up and charge at the person that knocked them down in the first place. Bubble Soccer players each have a bubble suit that they wear like a back pack. The best part about being in a bubble suit is that it does not hurt when you make contact. That is why Bubble Soccer is a physical sport. It might take some stamina to get used to being inside the suit, but once you are comfortable that is when the real fun begins. Players are able to tackle each other without harming each other. This allows for good clean fun. Each team has 5 players and the objective is the same as regular soccer. Score the most goals. The only twist is that you are able to knock down your opponents. Those with superior physical ability often excel. That is not to say that you cannot use your brains in a brawns only sport. Smarter players can often avoid a players tackle which will leave them unbalanced. From there the player can tackle the charging player. There is skill and strategy in Bubble Soccer (if you choose to use it). Airballing OC provides both Kid-sized Bubble Soccer and Adult-size Bubble Soccer. We bring goals, cones, and an event referee to help you have a successful Bubble Soccer Party.

Live Out Your Hamster Fantasy with Human Hamsterball Rental

Human Hamster Balls are also called Zorbs. They are the new-age version of mobile bounce houses. The days of “Bounce Houses” or “Jumpers” are over. Jumpers provide no mobility and are one-dimensional. Our Human Hamster Balls are mobile, interactive, and dynamic. You can do all sorts of things inside a Human Hamster Ball. You can joust with one another, race one another, and play interactive games. The trick is to gain speed while inside the ball; whether that be through running or crawling on all fours. Gain speed and you will have much more fun while playing inside a Human Hamster Ball.