Bringing Fortnite to Orange County

Yeah, we just brought Fortnite Parties to life in Orange County

Who isn’t obsessed with Fortnite? Children and adults all play this video game. It takes the battle royale concept and makes it suitable for all ages. The unique thing about Fortnite is that there is a crafting element. Players can scavenge for materials that can ultimately be used for shelter and structures. The ability to craft can be used both defensively and offensively. That is what makes Fortnite unique from other battle royale games. There is no wonder why Fortnite has caught so much attention in the recent years. If you ask a child what they would do with $100 they would answer “spend it on V bucks”. V Bucks is the ingame currency for Fortnite that allows players to purchase cosmetic upgrades for their character. That level of obsession is taking the country by storm and many parents want to bring the idea of Fortnite parties to life. However, there are many challenges when trying to bring something that is digital to real-life. Mainly because you are dealing with two different types of mediums. In the digital world, the possibilities are endless while real-life unfortunately, has its limitations.

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What do we use in our Fortnite Party?

We have spent long hours curating the perfect Fortnite birthday party idea for you. Hosting the perfect themed party is not an easy task. There are many elements in a video games that are extremely difficult to replicate in real life or just not cost efficient. Allow us to do all the work for you. Our Fortnite Birthday Party brings in all the elements of Fortnite and makes it come to life. First off, we create a massive battlefield. We bring huge amounts of inflatable barriers that are used as building material and shelter. We have two types of inflatable barriers. We have small inflatable barriers which are also known as Bunkerz. These are the main building blocks of our battlefield. They are easily movable which serves as the perfect ingame crafting material for players. Players can easily stack Bunkerz on top of each other to easily create a personalized barrier or base to protect themselves. We also have big sized inflatable barriers which are also known as paintball bunkers. These paintball bunkers are similar to the ones you would experience while playing paintball. The paintball bunkers serves as major landmarks and control points in the battlefield. Players are encouraged to use the combination of these two sizes to create a dynamic and diverse battlefield that allows players to get innovative in their game play.

The artillery that we use for our Fortnite parties ensures that there is diversity in the weaponry. Three types of weapons are used in Fortnite party which includes: Elite Nerf Guns, Mega Nerf Guns, and Nerf Faux Bows. The Nerf Elites are the smaller class of Nerf Guns that fire smaller darts. Elites are the most common Nerf Guns that people are familiar with. The advantage of using Elites is that children are already familiar with these and can quickly get into the rhythm of using them on the battlefield. The second type of guns used are the Nerf Megas. These are high impact Nerf Guns that shoot oversized darts that create a whistling sound when shot. Nerf Megas have far more range than the Elites which makes them more thrilling. Megas are the bigger and better version of Nerf Guns. Lastly, the Faux bows are included in our Fortnite party to more diversity and balance into the gameplay. In Fortnite and other FPS games there are clear distinctions between good weapons and bad weapons. If you want to hit a target from long range you might want to use a Mega Nerf Gun while a revolver Elite Gun is much better up close because of its firing rate. The Faux bows brings a balance because it forces all players to have the same weaponry. When compared with the other two weapon classes it shoots further and faster than both but have a slower firing rate.

We also include one huge Human Hamster Ball that is used as part of the battlefield and other objective gameplay. Lastly, there are several addon available to mix up the game play such as: chalk bombs, water bombs, and smoke bombs. Chalk bombs are hand-held projectiles that can be tossed at an opponent. It leaves a mark on the opponent because the chalk diffuses through the fabric that holds the chalk in place. Water bombs are plastic balls that are dipped in water and retains water. They are also used as throwable projectiles within gameplay and leave a cooling sensation upon impact. Smoke grenades are unique to Airballing Fornite parties as we emit massive amounts of colored smoke. Mostly used in photograph these colored smoke grenades create character to the battlefield and also utility as it distorts the opponents when used.

What does Fortnite Party Gameplay look like?

Here’s how we bring Fortnite Birthday Parties to life. We start by selecting the game mode that the players want to play whether that be singles, duos, trios, or squads. Then we place all of our inflatable barriers in the middle of the battlefield. Players and their teammates are then able to start building their bases far away from each other. Once everyone’s base has been built the fun starts. Players can leave their base at any time but risk getting hit. The inflatables that are used for their base can also be used offensively. Much like Fortnite where you can craft anywhere on the field; in our real life Fortnite party you can move your barriers anywhere you like. Throughout each round, the referee will randomly toss in add-ons. These addons are used as projectiles that can be thrown at opponents. If an opponent is hit by a chalk bomb or water bomb it acts exactly like the Fortnite Boogie Bomb. The player who is hit with the projectile must do a Fortnite dance. Occasionally, a smoke grenade will be placed on the field which can be triggered to create an epic colored smoked effect.

Referees act as the storm to bring players closer and closer to each other. This dynamic approach ensures that the gameplay flows fluidly and that players are not camping. Our Referees ensure that each player gets the most play time as possible. There is nothing worse than getting out within the first 10-20 seconds of the round and having to wait an extremely long time before respawning. There are many variations of how each rounds end and depends on the dynamic of the group. Typically each player might have one, two, or three lives. Once all their lives are depleted they are considered out for the round. Each round consists of a different type of artillery used. Elite Nerf Guns, Megas, Rivals, and Flaux Bows are rotated each round in order to create diverse gameplay. Other rounds might includes all three weapons being used at once. This usually happens at the end once players have rotated through all the different weapon types and have become familiar with each type.

Typically parents are watching on the sideline but towards the end we encourage parents to get involved since all weapons are made available which allows for more players to get involved. Our Fortnite gameplay is not set in stone. We have many variations of Fortnite gameplay that is tailored to how our host want their party to be. Our end goal is to make sure that players are having fun and enjoying themselves. That is why we choose a more dynamic approach when introducing the rules. Generally, the rules for Fortnite will stay the same but the game modes and objectives might change depending on the flow and personalities of the players. Our referees take suggestions and requests from both parents and players. This is ultimately your party and we are here to make sure that you have the best experience possible.