Bubble Soccer is the hottest new activity in sports!

It's time to suit up with Bubble Soccer

What is Bubble Soccer? You might have seen other people play this sport at a local park. It’s unmistakable and the only one of its kind. Bubble Soccer has been featured in many magazines and TV shows. If you remember the old Bubble Boy movie in 2011 and multiply that by 9 then you got yourself a Bubble Soccer game. 10 players each get into a bubble suit and start playing tackle soccer. It’s harder than it looks! But it’s exhilarating! There is no better feeling than tackling someone and watching them do a full back flip. The best thing is that it doesn’t harm your opponent and is fully legal gameplay. The objective of Bubble Soccer is to score a goal but players often get lost in the tackling element. Why? It’s irresistible and completely safe!

Size matters

Bubble Soccer started in 2011 in Norway and has become a global sensation. It is suitable for both children and adults. There are different size Bubble Soccer suits ranging from kid-sized to adult-sized. We do not suggest adults play with children. The sizing should be exclusive since it is a contact sport. Bubble Soccer is a sport where size does matter. The bigger you and and the heavier you are the more of an advantage you will have over the other players.

Healthy ways to destress with Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer promotes cardiovascular health by allowing players to get their daily dose of adrenaline and physical exercise. Bubble Soccer is the perfect team building activity because it gets people away from the computer screen. Secondly, it allows team members to tackle each other. This is a health and safe way of getting out pent up frustration that has accumulated throughout the workplace environment. There is no doubt that the workplace can get a bit hostile even if you choose not to ignore it. We all know that one person who is extremely difficult to deal with and is not a team player. Bubble Soccer is the best way to get physical with your teammates without actually hurting them.

Best place to play

Bubble Soccer is best played a an open and flat area. The best places are parks and indoor soccer arenas. You will not require a massive amount of space to play Bubble Soccer. An area of 40 by 40 ft or higher will be sufficient. The reason for this is to achieve a fine balance between ample space and fatigue. Bubble Soccer requires a bit of stamina so often times players get tired. If you make the arena too big then players will be running further distances in order to score goals. If you make the arena too small then players will cluster up in one arena once they tackle each other. Find the goldilocks ratio and you will have yourself a successful Bubble Soccer game. Once you have your location set up it’s time to get physical.

Fun things you can do with Bubble Soccer

What other things can you do with Bubble Soccer? There are many things that you can do with a Bubble Soccer suit. One of which is doing flips. Once you have your Bubble Soccer suits strapped in and feel comfortable it’s time to do some tricks. Players can do front flips and backflips while in their Bubble Soccer suits. It’s extremely easy to do. First you need to gain a bit of speed by running and as soon as you are really take a dive. Literally! Dive head first and the Bubble Ball will hit the ground, bounce you right back up, and give you the ability to land on your feet. If you want to do a backflip; all you have to do is run backwards and let yourself fall. The key to doing a flip is gaining enough speed.

Another fun activity you can do is rolling down a small hill. Get yourself strapped into a Bubble Suit and find yourself an elevated hill. Make sure it’s not too high up because you don’t want to get out of control (unless you are into that). Let yourself go sideways and roll down a hill. It’s pretty fun. Just make sure you tuck your feet in. Place your knees to your chest. To roll like a ball you must become a ball!

Different Game modes

There are many other game modes that we play. If you are not interested in soccer then be prepared to experience game modes such as: Bubble Football, Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Sumo Wrestling.

In Bubble Football, there is a defending and attacking team. The attacking team will designate one player to be the Football. The objective is to bring the player who is the football to the goal zone without getting knocked over. Once a team has scored or the football has been knocked down then the other team will select a football. Each team will take several rounds in attempting to bring the football to the score zone. The team with the most points wins!

In Conquest, each team starts off with an even number of players. Once a player knocks another player off their feet they will join the team of the player who has knocked them down. The game ends when one team has conquered and recruited every member into their team.

In Team Deathmatch, each team member will have a certain number of lives. Once every member has exhausted all their lives then the team with the most players standing will win.

In Battle Royale, each player in a bubble suit will have one life. The objective is to be the last man standing. If you knock someone off their feet, then they are considered down for the whole round. The game ends when there is one person left over who has not been knocked down.

In Sumo Wrestling, each player will select an opponent to do a 1v1 against. Players will start at a reasonable distance from each other and are encouraged to charge at each other. Whoever gets knocked over will be eliminated. This continues until there is one champion who is deemed unbeatable.

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