New Birthday Party Ideas to spice up your next celebration

New ways to throw awesome parties for all ages

Every child goes through phases of likes and dislikes. As young children we are mostly exposed to media images like superheroes. As a parent it is often challenging to come up with new birthday ideas for their children. It is extremely simple and easy to have a spiderman themed birthday party or superman birthday party. But what happens when it is not that simple? What if you are looking to explore new birthday party ideas for an older child, teen, or even an adult? The answer is not as clear cut. Most can agree that the best party ideas are the ones that are new and unique. There must be an element of novelty, surprise, and thoughtfulness. That is why we have created the most universal and unique birthday party idea: Nerf War Party.

Nerf has been around since the late 1960s. It has always captured our imagination and excitement. Admit it… Your most memorable memory was shooting your siblings or parents with a Nerf gun. However, that was the peak of play we experienced as children. Well now there is a way to bring your childhood desires to life. It’s through our Nerf War Party! The above scenario illustrates the nostalgic and deeply rooted love that everyone has in Nerf guns. Nerf has become an American classic and can be recognized anywhere in the country. It is universal and transcends generational gaps. That is why our Nerf War Party is one of the best birthday party ideas for your next celebration. It is suitable for children, teens, and even adults.

What does a Nerf party look like?

First, we bring the battlefield to you! We create a battlefield with a plethora of paintball bunkers and inflatable barriers. The battlefield is designed to have each team’s base which serves as the main spawn points when playing. There is always a clear middle ground that allows players to distinguish when their base ends and when the enemy base begins. Team based games such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, medic, and paladin are played with this battlefield. Yes, there are different types of battlefields! Game modes such as hold the point and attack and defend are more specialized. These games modes focuses the majority of the barriers to be on the team that is defending. The attackers objective is to secure the location or eliminate the defenders. The attackers always have more lives as they have less cover and do not have the defenders advantage. Lastly, there are battlefields that are more curated towards free-for-alls or battle royale style plays. These battlefields are spread out to create a massive battlefield in which players can participate in free-for-alls, or two’s, trio’s, and squads.

different types of nerf parties

But wait… there’s more! Yes, there are different types of Nerf guns to select from. There are three major different types of Nerf guns and they include: Elites, Megas, and Rivals. Elites are your standard Nerf guns with small darts that are the most universal and commonly seen on the market. They are more suitable for smaller children as the Nerf guns require less strength by the individual to pull the cocking mechanism. Megas are big red guns that typically shoot big red darts. The major difference is that Megas shoot harder and further. Their bullets are designed to create a whistling noise as they are shot. This is extremely exhilarating because during a Nerf War Party you will hear a bunch of hissing and even some that will hiss right by your ear. Lastly, the Rivals are distinguishable due to their circular bullets. These are the only Nerf guns that shoot circular balls as the bullet. They are extremely volatile and suitable for older children and adults. Yes Adults! Why should kids have all the fun?! Our Nerf War Party is suitable for all adults and perfect for your next team building activity.

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