Archery Tag is the Ultimate Team Building Activity!

Culture creates employee retention

Modern companies are now placing much more emphasis on culture. They realize that culture is the driving force for productivity and employee retention. The growing job market has expanded with more workers in the workforce now more than ever. Platforms are emerging to better connect employers with potential employees. There has been a surge of recruiting companies that are thriving due to the expansive nature of job availability. Unfortunately, the availability of jobs has actually been costing employers money due to the constant need to hire new employees. Retention is critical to keep recruiting costs low. The only way to have high retention is to have a satisfied workforce; to achieve this, the company must have some “culture”.

The overall US workforce is shifting to a younger and more agile employees. Baby Boomers are finally leaving as more millennials are filling their spots. These millennials have a lower tolerance for traditional corporate environments. The old days of suit and ties no longer appeal to employees as more and more companies are ditching the old ways of thinking. Companies who are not up to speed must adapt. It doesn’t take much to keep employees happy. All you have to do is ask! Try out new ways of stimulating your workforce.

Part of what makes a good team is communication and chemistry. The best way to create chemistry within a team is through team building events. The traditional team building activities no longer appeal to younger workforce employees. How many times have you gone to a company bowling event or BBQ? There has been too many occurrences of these events. People are always interested in new and exciting activities. That is why we have introduced our Ultimate Team Building Activity: Archery Tag.

The Best Team Building Activity

Archery Tag is best described as dodgeball with bows and foam tipped arrows. Each player has a bow to which they can nock their foam tipped arrows, take aim, and fire at their opponents. Much like dodgeball, players do not start with the arrows; rather arrows are placed in the middle of the field. At the start of the game each team spawns at opposing locations and rush to the middle in order to grab their arrows. After grabbing the arrows the players rush to cover and begin their onslaught of arrows. If an arrow is caught in mid-air then the person who shot the arrows is eliminated and the person who caught the arrow is allowed to revive a teammate. Sound familiar? The difference between Archery Tag and Dodgeball is that there are also foam boards on each team’s side of the field. The foam boards have circular foams that can be knocked out by an arrow. The objective for each team is to knock out these circular foams from the foam board in order to score a point or to revive a teammate.

Archery Tag is best played with 14 or 20 players. Unlike dodgeball, Archery Tag consists of inflatable barriers that are used to take cover from the arrows. Players are not out in the open like sitting ducks in Dodgeball. Airballing OC creates the best Archery Tag battlefields and utilizes the best game modes to ensure the best experience. Our battlefield consist of paintball bunkers which are large sized inflatables that can comfortably be used as cover for full-sized adults. There are also inflatable barriers that add an extra dimension to the playing field because the smaller inflatable barriers are movable. There are many different types of game modes that are used in Archery Tag: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Medic, Paladian, Conquest, and Attack and Defend.

Different Game Modes for Archery Tag

In Team Deathmatch each player has a fixed amount of lives. Once they have exhausted all their lives they are considered out of the game.

In Capture the Flag each team has a flag and the objective is to grab the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your base. You can only score if your flag is at your base while in possession of your enemy's flag. Typically, in Capture the Flag there is a “jail” and “jail-break” element. If you are hit then you must go to jail which is typically closer to your opponents base. If a teammate runs up to you and tags you; you have been broken out of jail and must run and touch your flag in order to respawn back into the game.

In the game mode Medic each team has a player designated as the medic. The medic is the only person that can revive teammates who are considered out because they have been hit with an arrow. The identity of each team’s medic is hidden and it is up to each team to identify who the medic is. If the medic is hit with an arrow the game ends. They are the VIP of the game and should be deemed a high priority target. In the game mode Conquest each team starts with an even amount of players. If are struck with an opposing team’s arrow; you join their team. The game ends when every member is on one team.

In Attack and Defend, there is a team designated to defend and a team designated to attack. Typically the attacking team will have more lives and the defending team has less lives. The difference is that the defending team will have more inflatable barriers to work. The objective is to eliminate each other or hold a certain position as long as possible.

In Paladian, each team has a Paladian which has a sword and shield while every other team member has bows and arrows. The Paladin is able to revive fallen teammates but only has 3 lives. If they are hit once by an arrow they will have to drop a shield or sword. The second time they are hit they must drop the remaining shield or sword. The last hit will signify the end of the match as the Paladin has exhausted their 3rd and final ife.

There are many ways to play Archery Tag and it really depends on what your groups’ dynamic. You will find that at the end of the day players are content with just shooting each other with a bow and arrows. There is no doubt that Archery Tag is an extremely exhilarating sport that allows you to fulfill your medieval fantasy of being an archery. READY… AIM…. LOOSE!

Airballing OC