Irvine is the best place to try new things


Irvine is the safest city in Orange County

Irvine is known to be one of the world’s safest cities. The reason being is because there is a strong sense of community and family that resonates throughout the city. Therefore, Irvine is a great place to find good food, famous shopping centers, and interesting attractions.

Irvine is spacious to say the least

Orange County Great Park is a massive park that stretches over 1300 acres. Although only 450 acres is developed there are plans to continue development of the remaining 230 acres. The park is modern with a variety of interesting attractions to engage in. These attractions include: hot air balloon, carousel, farms, farmers market, kids play area, an art complex, and a variety of trails. You can enroll your children in summer camp programs, after school programs, and any other program you deem fit. There is an endless roster of classes, activities, and events to choose from.

Mason Regional Park is one of Irvine’s bigger parks expanding over 339 acres. Mason Regional Park offers a huge variety of activities to engage in such as: biking, volleyball, and hiking. There is an amphitheater that is home to local events and a lake that is over 9 acres. Mason Regional Park offers 3 playgrounds for children and large shelter areas for large group reservations. Most importantly, Mason Regional Park has over 123 acres of wilderness and wildlife land that lets you get closer to mother nature. Even with all that, the park has enough room its own golf course, strawberry farm, and physical fitness course. It’s massive and beautiful land makes it one of OC’s most scenic parks. In addition, Mason Regional Park is home to an active community that hosts many local events within the park. There is always something to do at Mason Regional Park.

Mike Ward Community Park is a modest park stretching over 22 acres. Don’t let its size fool you; Mike Ward Park is fully equipped with all the necessities. The park comes with 2 basketball courts, a volleyball court, an amphitheater, picnic shelters and picnic tables. Mike Ward Park doesn’t have the extravagance of other parks, but makes up for it through its humble and comforting atmosphere. This park is a great place for you to host a family event, meet local friends, and enjoy the outdoors. You won’t be able to find another park that is as fun, safe, and comforting as Mike Ward Community Park.

University Community Park is a high traffic park that stretches over 16 acres wide. It is known for its community and children friendly environment. The park unlike others comes with a community center that is fully equipped with 2 multipurpose rooms, kitchens, courtyard, crafting room, and an exercise room. This makes it one of the best parks to host a party or event. THe park also comes with a massive playground, open play area, 3 soccer fields, handball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball field, and a plethora of picnic tables. Due to the amount of sports and community amenities there is no wonder that University Community Park has such as community friendly environment. If you are looking for a park to bring your children to for sporting events, after school programs, or a stimulating environment to play in; look no further.

Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park is a mouth full to say. It is one of the larger parks expanding out to over 42 acres of land. Bill Barber Park is a well-rounded park that consist of all the necessity ammenditities with more than enough room to spare. The park contains several softball fields, soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic tables, picnic shelters, biking trails, and an amphitheater. Bill Barber Park is a great place to have your next party or event. The park takes reservations for the fields which makes it ideal of sporting events and outdoor activities.

Top Things to do in Irvine

The Irvine Spectrum Center is Irvine’s most popular outdoor mall. It’s most recognizable landmark is the “Giant Wheel”; which is a ferri wheel that is located in the entertainment plaza. The Irvine Spectrum is one of the biggest malls in all of Orange County and contains a massive roster of retail shops, entertainment centers, and gourmet restaurants. If you are in the mood for a classic game of bowling then we highly suggest Bowlmor. It is a hip and urban bowling alley that caters to your every need with food, alcohol, and music. If you are in the mood for some laugher it might be worth your wild to take a trip to the Irvine Improv. The Irvine Improv is home to some of the top comedians and upcoming comedians of the new era. If you are looking to have some digital fun we recommend taking your group over to Dave & Buster’s at the Irvine Spectrum Center. There are good food, good drinks, and fun games to play at Dave & Busters. If that is not enough for you and you want something more immersive: we recommend going to Space at the Spectrum. Spaces is a unique VR experience that totally immerses you into the world of Virtual Reality. You can bring your family and friends to experience their over the top VR experience for yourselves.

Another notable entertainment plaza is the Diamond Jamboree. Although this plaza does not have as many attractions as the others; it has a huge variety of delicious food to experience. The Diamond Jamboree is home to over 19 speciality restaurants. If you are in the mood for Korean food, be sure to check out BCD Tofu House at the Diamond Jamboree. This location is known to be the best BCD Tofu House location in all of southern California. If you are in the mood for Sushi, the famous Kura Revolving Sushi Bar has recently opened up its doors. This unique sushi experience is present in all major cities due to its delicious menu and unique food delivery. If you are looking for something fill, hot, and new then we recommend you give Pepper Lunch a try. Pepper Lunch is a unique dining experience where you food in given to you on an extremely hot plate which cooks the food in front of you. This makes it extremely delicious because you can consume the food as soon as it's done cooking. This preserves all the flavoring and brings a sense of freshness to the taste.

Pretend City is a children’s museum that strives itself on stimulating young minds through exploration and curiosity. The museum has its own city modeled to the same size as a child, over 17 exhibits and fun activities to engage in. It is a place where you can bring your children and spend a whole day playing without feeling guilty. There is huge emphasis on art, science, and learning.

Fortnite Birthday Parties in Irvine

Although Irvine is safe and conservative; it is not when it comes to food and fun. People in Irvine are always in the know with what is hot and trending. There is always something new that is happening in Orange County and you will find that most of those ahead of the curve is from Irvine. This tendency to stay ahead of the curve is perfect for those who want to spice of their next celebration, company event, or team building event.

Nerf War Party and Fortnite Party in Irvine is the best way to celebrate your kids birthday party. There is no denying that kids in Irvine are obsessed with Fortnite. The best way to make your party stand out from any other party is to have a unique and interesting themed party. Our Fortnite Party is a premium service provided for those who want the full Fortnite experience. Our Fortnite Party rental service brings the Fortnite experience to you. Our team brings a 3 sets of Nerf Guns ranging from Elite Nerf Guns, Mega Nerf Guns, and Nerf Faux Bows. We bring the entire battlefield to your party by supplying inflatable paintball bunkers and inflatable BunkerZ barriers. We also bring additional epic Fortnite party supplies like smoke grenades, water grenades, and chalk bombs. Our event coordinators are trained to referee the game to give the most accurate and entertaining Fortnite experience possible.

Nerf War Party is the best alternative to a Fortnite Party

Nerf War Party is the best alternative to a Fortnite Party. This is the best way to have a Fortnite party on a budget. There is no point in buying a bunch of Nerf Guns, Nerf Bullets, and inflatables just to have an event that will occur once a year. Our Nerf War Party Rental service does the above and more. Our Nerf War Party is a great alternative because it incorporates the same type of equipment as a Fortnite Party but with less variety. Our Fortnite Party uses 3 types of artillery while our Nerf War Party only utilizes one. The experience is less extravagant but if you are on a budget then we highly recommend the Nerf War Party as an alternative activity when planning your next Fortnite themed party.

Try out Bubble Soccer for your next party or celebration

Bubble Soccer is a new and trending sport. Often times our children are ahead of us when it comes to novel experiences that are emerging into the mainstream. We suggest you stay ahead of those who are not in the know by having Bubble Soccer at your next party. Our Bubble Ball Rental service brings 10 Bubble Balls to your party along with a soccer ball, and two sets of goals. Our event coordinator will set up all the equipment and even run the games for you. You can sit back and relax or join in on the fun as our event coordinator entertain your guests for hours. Our event coordinators are trained to continuously stimulate your guests by engaging them in a variety of Bubble Ball gameplay. If Bubble Soccer is not enough there is a variety of other game modes to choose from such as: Sumo Wrestling, Bubble Football, Team Deathman, Conquest, and Battle Royale. Why should children have all the fun? Our Bubble Soccer Rental Service is suitable for adult’s birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate team building events, school events, charity events, and sponsorship events.

Archery Tag for your next adult party celebration

Archery Tag is the coolest new sport to hit the mainstream. Although it is not as popular as Bubble Soccer it has been around for a long time. It is the best new activity that is more suitable for adults because the sport uses fully functioning bows with foam tipped arrows. Our Arrow Tag rental service brings all the equipment to your party. We create a massive battlefield using paintball bunkers and smaller inflatable barriers. The creates a dynamic battlefield that can easily be changed during gameplay in order to suit the game modes being played. Our event coordinators are trained with a wide variety of game modes that are designed to keep your guests entertained and stimulated. Besides the regular modes you can play modes such as: Battle Royale, Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend, Medic, and Palaidan. If that is not enough, our event coordinators are open to new ideas and suggestions in order to keep your group happy. Best of all Archery Tag is the best sport because the requirements for the sport is very low which serves a wider range of personalities. If you have a mixed group of guests who are oppositely polarized i.e. half aggressive and half passive personalities; then Archery Tag would be perfect because it fits right in the middle. The physical requirements of Archery Tag is not as strenuous as a physical sport like Bubble Soccer. In Archery Tag your size does not matter and your physical endurance does not matter. If you can nock your arrows into your bow and get a decent position on your opponent, you can dominate your opponent. This makes it great for team building activities, corporate parties, adult birthday parties, and any other party occasion.

Our party rental service is suitable for any occasion

It doesn't matter if you are having a birthday celebration or a high school graduation. Our party rental service will bring the party to you. If you are tired of having the same old BBQ and music then chances are that your guests feel the same way. Nobody likes the same old things over and over again. It’s time to spice up your party with an entertaining and novel sport like Archery Tag, Bubble Soccer, Nerf War Party, or Fortnite Party.