Orange is the best place for family fun


Orange is a City in Orange County

Orange is not to be confused with Orange County. Orange is a city that is located next to Anaheim and Tustin. Orange is not a densely populated city with roughly 150,000 residents. It is more known as the place to go if you are interested in a city with things to do. You can find many restaurants, malls, and attractions. If you are in Orange there are several landmarks that will easily be recognizable. The most iconic building in all of Orange County is the Angels Stadium. It is located in the heart of Orange and often serves as the focal point of the city. Another notable mention is the Honda Center. These two iconic buildings are essentially next to each other. If you are a college student; you will notice the prestigious Chapman University in located deep in its territory. Otherwise, working professionals in the healthcare industry will no doubtedly know that Orange holds the key to one of the area's most renowned hospitals: UCI Medical Center. You can find family friendly activities to do in Orange or have a night out with your friends. Orange is a diverse and multifaceted city with plenty of activities to engage in.

Places to Grill Out In Orange

Eisenhower Park is one of Orange’s most beautiful parks. It has roughly 16 acres of beautifully kept green grass. It is a family park that accommodates family filled activities such as BBQ Stations, Picnic Tables, Benches, playground, and bicycle racks. Eisenhower Park has a beautiful lake and small river that adds a scenic view to it’s already lush vegetation. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by the lake to do some fishing. Eisenhower Park has plenty of parking spaces and two playgrounds for you to bring the family to.

The biggest park in Orange is Irvine Regional Park. it is 491 acres that stretches out to the outskirts of the city. It is Orange County’s first regional park and has a plethora of space for you to engage in activities with. Tables and BBQs are located throughout the whole park. Irvine Regional Park has 6 playgrounds for you to bring your children to. It also has four softball fields, two lakes, and an equestrian. The equestrian is three miles long and goes through the outskirts of the park providing riders with a scenic view. You can also rent a small lake boat to help you explore the depths of the lake. If you aren’t interested in taking matters in your own hand; there are plenty of events that occur at Irvine Regional Park. Often times there are summer festivals, cinema series, and other family filled festivities constantly occurring at this park. Recently, the park has allowed for electric bikes to be used. This means you can now take a stroll through the huge park without breaking a sweat on your electric bicycle.

Top Places to Visit in Orange

The Outlets at Orange is Orange’s most popular mall. Formerly called The Block at Orange; The Outlets is an outdoor mall with all your essential entertainment and shopping needs. There is an AMC to catch the newest blockbuster. It is family friendly with entertainment retailers like Vans Skate Park and Lucky Strike. However, if you are in the mood for drinks be sure to swing by Dave and Busters on a thursday night. Dave and Busters at the Outlets is known to get high traffic due to the college night theme. Certain nights offer cheaper food and cheaper drinks; it is no wonder that many flock to Dave and Busters for the specials in order to capitalize on offers. This brings in young crowds that are more loose about having a good time.

Angels Stadium is Orange County’s most iconic building. Orange is blessed with having a clean and accessible baseball stadium in its backyards. If you are in the mood for America’s favorite past-time then take a trip to the ballgame at Angels Stadium. Make sure you are wearing your red. Angel Stadium has plenty of parking and entrances due to being built in a spacious city. You can grab yourself a cold beer and some snacks as you enjoy the game.

The Honda Center is home to the Anaheim Ducks. It is the place to go if you are looking for some wall banging hockey action! The best part is that it is right by Angel Stadium. It doesn’t stop there! The Honda Center is one of Orange County’s largest indoor venues. This means that there are a plethora of events that are being hosted at the Honda Center ranging from music shows, sporting events, and collaborative events. You can find out more about upcoming events at the Honda Center here.

New things happening in Orange

Orange is considered a family and suburbian city. It has lots of opportunities for shopping, retail, and sports. Often times it can feel a bit small and understimulating. That is why we highly suggest bringing one of our fun activities out to your next family event.

There is no doubt that Orange is spacious; therefore having a Bubble Soccer event would be ideal for any of the parks located in Orange. Bubble Soccer requires a 40 x 40 ft space in order to play. This amount of room required is not that big but the most important part about having a good location to play Bubble Soccer is the slope of the terrain. Bubble Soccer should be played on flat grounds which will allow players to have more mobility. Most parks in Orange are flat and spacious. Bubble Soccer is suitable for both kids and adults. Players get inside a bubble suit and tackle each other. The objective is to kick the ball into the goal just like a regular soccer game; however tackling is allowed. When a player is tackled they will fall to the ground with all the force being absorbed by the bubble suit.

The best part about Bubble Soccer is that it is essentially a huge inflatable ball. Children often enjoy rolling inside the bubble suit down a small hill. We do not recommend any high slopes because it can make the child dizzy. Another way to play with the Bubble Soccer suits is to do front flips and backflips. This do this the child has to gain enough speed by running and then dive forward. The bubble suit will hit the ground and flip the child forward. The child only has to tuck their feet in and land back on their feet.

Lastly, if kicking the soccer ball into a goal does not entertain you enough; there are various other games that can be played with Bubble Soccer. The most popular is Sumo Wrestling. In Sumo Wrestling each player chooses another player to wrestle. Each player is given some distance and when the referee counts them down; the object is to charge head on at the opponent in order to knock them off their feet. The player who is not knocked off their feet will advance to the winners bracket and face off against other winners. This continues until there is one champion!

Human Hamster Ball Rentals will bring new fun to your next party

Another activity that we highly recommend at your next event is Zorbing or Human Hamster Ball Rental. A Zorb is a huge inflatable hamster ball where an individual is able to get inside. The Human Hamster Ball should only be used by one person at a time. Multiple users inside one ball is dangerous as it can lead to injury. The user inside the ball has a plethora of actions they can do in order to stimulate fun. Players are encouraged to bounce around in the ball. They can move the ball by running and pushing against the wall of the ball. In the beginning, someone new might be crawling on all fours because they are not used to the maneuvering inside the ball. However, once they get more practice and realize that it is safe they can start to run. We highly recommend that users run inside the ball as it helps provide increase the speed of the ball's trajectory. The faster the ball goes the more fun the user will have. The reason for this is because once the ball reaches a certain speed it does not matter if the person falls because their weight will be carried by the ball. Their body will be pushed against the side of the ball instead of tumbling within the ball. This is equivalent to a rollercoaster ride!

Be cautious, often times there are other children present on the outside of the ball. There is a natural tendency for children to push the ball with a user inside the ball. It can for or against the user inside depending on the personality. It is best to have structured play with Zorbing. The best way to have fun with Zorbing is to have at least 2 zorb balls. This way players can engage in jousting, racing, and more interactive gameplay.